Innovative solutions to noise and vibration for Buildings, Industries and Railways

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A quiet and peaceful living and working environment.
Sound simulation and noise mapping services to the customers for room acoustics
Environmental noise mitigation projects.

BUILDING PARTITION FLOOR – Impact Sound Insulation

FC Polyurethane Vibration Damping Sheet

Excellent impact sound insulation performance: 15-25dB

Good resistance to water and moisture, oil and chemicals

High friction coefficient, easy installation, can directly laid on the floor and cover by stone/ceramics/wood parquet without an extra protective layer

Apply to Green Buildings, High-end Residential, Hotels, Hospitals, etc.

BUILDING PARTITION FLOOR – Impact Sound Insulation

FC Elevated Dry Floor System

Excellent impact sound insulation performance ≥25dB

Can be installed directly to the floor without leveling, saves the indoor space height. Pipelines can be installed and hidden in the cavity, easy and convenient for maintenance and replacement.

Apply to renovation and new built projects including offices, residences, sports facilities such as Yoga, Piano Room and etc.

BUILDING PARTITION WALL – Airborne Sound Insulation

CL-Composite Damping Plaster Board

Excellent airborne sound insulation performance by increasing 2-5dB

Good resistance to acid, alkali, erosion and aging.

Industrial product, easy installation

Apply to drywall system for renovated or new built residences, hotels and commercial buildings, etc.

BUILDING PARTITION WALL – Airborne Sound Insulation

RC-High Density Deadening Felt

Excellent airborne sound insulation performance by 20-29dB

Good flexibility, flame retarded, moisture and aging resistant and environmental friendly

Apply to entertainment projects, residential, office buildings , equipment rooms, factory workshops, etc.


– Vibration and Noise Reduction

Base Isolation – Floating Platform

Standard Patent Damper-Floor Stand and Suspension Type

Pipeline Vibration Isolation

Noise Absorption and Insulation Elements/Mufflers


– Vibration and Noise Reduction

Vibration for Rails-Ballastless Track Bed

Vibration for Rails-Ballasted Track Bed

Pipeline Vibration Isolation

Passive Vibration Insulation and Noise Reduction

Tunnel and Railway Platform Sound Absorption

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